Nobody Ask Me

Nobody ask me but you look pretty today. I hope you liked the flowers that I gave you.

I’m still waiting for my chance to invite you to have lunch or dinner. I was hesitant to invite you a while ago because you already have your friends with you. Also, I never had the chance to introduce myself to your other friend. He seems nice.

I can’t stop thinking about you everyday.

For the longest time,


PS. I could have personally gave the flowers to you but I didn’t want you to feel awkward or something.







Hello, E.

I just saw you almost an hour ago infront of National Bookstore. I saw your smiling face and I can see the eagerness from your eyes. I saw as if you are waiting for someone. I really didn’t bother to know, but I felt sad seeing you seeing someone aside from those people that I already met.

I was being stupid for not staying. I had this gut feeling that you don’t want me to stay there, so I went to Kenny Rogers instead to meet with my student TJ.

And then I called you. I called you because I was longing for your voice. I want to have those moments where I want you to become that person that I can talk with at the start and at the end of the day.

When I said that I will go back and see you, I really meant it. I went back near the book store an didn’t saw you there. You can really walk fast, I must say. Did you really want to avoid me or not?

I was surprised that you’re seeing with someone not from CSB. I really didn’t know what to react when I heard that, even up to know. (I am still waiting for that next date with you. Maybe I was too hesitant to ask? Maybe not.)

Also, this was the day I first received an ‘I love you.’ text from you, even though it was part of a joke. Sometimes, E, jokes are half-meant.

I really want this guy, badly. I really want this person you can be proud of. Though my feelings for you haven’t changed a bit. I still long for you even from the distance (and not in a stalker way).

I do hope you will enjoy watching the three movies that I shared to you. ‘Like Crazy’ is the best among those three. (I suddenly reminisced when you went straight to my workstation and strike a conversation with me. I hope we have a lot of moments like that.)

Can I say I miss you even though we just saw each other today?

I also like your orange jacket. You’re like a small kid. (Where did you got it anyway?)

Sorry if I keep on posting random things about today.

I really want to have a human moment with you right now, E.

Talk and see you soon, beautiful.



Good noon, E.

I am currently in our office in Greenhills and I am waiting for my boss to show up. I woke up late this morning because I had trouble sleeping some hours ago.

I was able to the change the theme of blog, but I’m not quite sure if it fits my personality. I was trying to change the color palette into blue + black + white, but the site reverts to the default theme. Maybe because I am not allowed to change the CSS. *boring topic*

I messaged you last night and I hope you saw (or will see) it. I really ran some few words to say last night, so I just said what I felt like saying.

I should start updating my codes once again. I am hoping for a nice feedback coming from boss when I demonstrate it to him later.

It’s been only a day, but I am already missing you.

Hope you have a nice day!


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