Just a Bad Dream

I dreamed about you again last night. I went to your place and decided to surprise you. I invited my mom and my dad to join me.

They were ecstatic to see you again for the first time, so I asked them to hide first once we reach your house.

You were surprised when you saw me. You were smiling. God, I miss that smile.

Suddenly, things went wrong. I tried to hug you and kiss your forehead but I didn’t expect that you lean against me. You were still smiling.

I woke up confused and disappointed about myself.


It was great seeing you after 2 years! Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.

It was nice seeing your cousin (for the first time) and your bestfriend Wam.

I finally see your smiling face for so long.

What’s Wrong with Me?

Everything was still vivid when I woke up from a bad dream.

You were eating in the dining room with everyone except me. I was watching outside from a television and I only saw you across the windows.

I was eating chips while talking with my brother when your cousin Aska suddenly showed up from nowhere. I tried to look and walk away, trying to avoid her, but she insisted to talk. I greeted her and offered some chips (???).

She asked me if I already talked you. I said no because you were eating inside.

And then I left.

I felt bad to myself when I woke up from my dream.

I wish I could change what happened.

I really felt it was the real thing.

It was couple of days ago when I decided to cook some pasta. I made it extra special just for you.


Added more bacon!

It was the day I wanted to surprise you but you already told me that you’ll arrive in Taft late. I still decided to bring some food to your house and brought the overdue gift.

It was a busy and hot Friday afternoon. I chose to walk instead of taking a cab because of the traffic jam. My heart was raising fast while walking towards your house because I didn’t know what your mom will react after seeing me again for a long time. I had in my mind that she might not recognize me.

And boy I was right.

I saw her just outside near your blue gate, doing some laundry. I tried calling her the first time but I wasn’t sure she heard me. So I shouted again.

Here’s the conversation we had (non-verbatim):

Me: Tao po. Tao po.

Her: Sino sila?

Me: Good afternoon po. Ako po yung schoolmate ni Eriza.

Her: Wala sya rito. Mamaya pa ang uwi. Balik ka na lang mamaya.

Me: Ay opo. Ako po pala si Abram.

Her: ???

Me: Ako po yung ano… Yung teacher dati ni Eriza.

Her: ???

Her: Ahhh. HIndi kita namukhaan. Kanina ka pa ba?

Me: Ahh hindi naman po. May dala po pala akong pasta para po sa inyo.

Her: …

Me: Sige po. Una na ko. Sabihin ko na lang po pumunta ako.

And I left. I can still remember how terrified I am when I speak to her. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience for me because I had to chance to see your mom again (I really wished I stayed the whole afternoon so I can finally see you).

Later that evening, my heart was happy when I saw this:

It was a success.

Hope you enjoyed my pasta.

Looking forward to surprise you again.

– A

(Belated) Happy Valentines Day, Eriza!

I was supposed to surprise you last Tuesday but can’t find the right moment.

It’s been a year.

Still hoping to see you (and be with you).

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