When You Thought Dreams Were Real

I dreamed about you last night. Twice.

First, we were at the mall with your friends. (I was seeing Don and someone I cannot remember.) We had a small talk first. Then I went to somewhere else alone when I met my mom and my sister. I told them that we’re seeing each other and ask my mom if she wants to meet you in person.

My mom was hesitating at first but she agreed. I was surprised that when I was about to return to your place, you suddenly show up. You were smiling. I formally introduce you to my mom and my sister.

My mom hugged you for few seconds then both of you started talking. You told her that she lose some weight and how young she looked. Then you talked some more.

It was a happy moment for me that time. Then I woke up in the middle of the night.

The second dream was about you giving me a cake with a note saying “I miss you.”. I couldn’t react that time but the first thing I did is I took a photo of the cake from my phone because I want to save that moment.

After that, I was just looking into your eyes the whole time while holding your hand.

And then I finally wake up.

I wish dreams were real but I have to wake up to reality.


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