Catching Up

Good evening / morning to you, E.

I decided to write a quick blog away from my usual coding work during this time of the day. This is already my second cup drinking coffee to keep myself awake. You might be still awake doing other things or sleeping already.

The truth is, I don’t know.

School’s term is almost finish and I cannot wait to enjoy my short vacation. I still need to check a lot of requirements from my students and I still have Finals examinations next week. I’ve been constantly ignoring people around me, limiting myself to academic duties and commitments. Being a teacher is quite a blessing and a curse.

I spent the entire day reading student feedback and reflection papers for IT/IS exposures. I’ve been receiving positive feedback from my students and I wish I can share these to you. I still can’t forget the moment you told me that I am one of the reasons you loved your course way back in College (oh wait, you already graduated!).

These words of appreciation coming from my students or even other people who I affected their lives kept me going in pursuing my passion. To be honest, I’m feeling tired and restless  most of the time this term. Some of your classmates even told me that I’m losing weight. I’ve never been drinking too much coffee since my thesis days.

All efforts are not in vain though. It’s quite fulfilling that students will tell you that they started (or already loved) programming than before. I just hope I was able to impart all the skills and knowledge they need for their capstone projects after 1-2 terms.

This is the 2nd straight week I skipped Happy Thursdays. (I hope you’re smiling while reading this.) Skipping Happy Thursdays means a busy day for me.

And indeed it was:

I have to regularly check this Google document for pending issues I need to resolve. Think of it as a never-ending revisions list, which I need to fix as soon as possible to satisfy the client / partner. I believe that bugs or issues encountered are not equal but this coding tasks is keeping me sane. Yes, you heard me. Coding makes me forget about my personal problems temporarily (just like drinking!)

Not sure if you’re still proud of me but joining my students during Happy Thursdays is actually a good experience. It allows me to cope up with them about their College life and other problems that they can share. It’s also a good way to reach out other students who cannot express themselves well during class sessions. It also allowed me to get acquainted with other people, not only from our school, but people coming from different universities in the Metro.

I actually made quite few friends outside school this term. I met a student from St. Scho, whose a good friend of my student, studying Political Science as her major. Some of my students were surprised that I can still talk about politics because my sister is exposed to that kind of stuff. I also met a guy from APC who is studying the same course. SDA students who I’ve been with frequently always tell me that I should be their teacher in the Web Development classes. And I felt quite honored.

I always get the impression that people getting introduced to me didn’t believe that I’m already teaching in College. I would always smile every time they tell me that I’m the coolest teacher they ever met so far.

I realized that there are so much things to know from people younger than yourself. This kept me being open minded about certain things I haven’t really experienced or saw with my own two eyes.

I’m really happy that you’ve been travelling a lot ever since you left school. I’m jealous, actually. As much as I want to travel and spend more time for vacation, people need me – in school and in work. Some thought that I have a full teaching load this term because I spend too much time in school during weekdays. I only had two subjects this term and the remaining hours are/were spent for thesis advising.

Speaking of thesis advising, all my advisee groups passed. I never expected that I will “ace” again this term because it was a challenging set of groups I had. I almost doubted that they will finish everything on time, but with God’s guidance, we prevailed and passed the capstone.

I guess it’s safe to say that I won’t ever give up my students because I believe they can make it through. Just like how I believed in your group even their was a lot of negativity around during your time.


Just by looking at your photos I can actually tell that you’re taking care of yourself. I like you “being healthy” for the past few months compare to you last term’s figure. Seeing you smile more often makes me happy.

I know that I haven’t spent too much time to talk to you (or even call you) because I know you have other things to do too. I can’t wait for you to start working with you new office space and I wish I can visit you during free time starting next term. I really want to make up for the lost time not being with you.

Should there still be chance to ask you out on a date (or just hanging out would be fine), it would be totally awesome. I missed having a human moment with you – without any distractions or whatsoever. Please try to understand (and be patient about it) that I also need to support my family right now. Remember what I told you about “family first”? You’ll always be my priority but this time around, they need me 100%. That’s why I’ve been working my butt off to help them and provide them the support. I need you to be patient about this, but I also understand if you can’t. I just need enough time to work things out for my family.

Even it’s going to be a hard time reaching out to you this time around, I’ll still give it a shot.

Off to work again. Always take care of yourself for me because you’re important.

Will post another blog for the next couple of days. Ciao for now!

Always thinking about you,


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