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Never lose that smile of yours.

We Started Here

Good evening, E.

Ever wonder when did we start calling each other names E and A?

Here’s a ‘throwback’ conversations we had almost two years ago. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: It’s a lengthy post!


And we did some more…

we-started-here-2 we-started-here-3 we-started-here-4

I hope you liked it.

– A

Are You Okay?

Hello, E.

I decided to write a quick blog this afternoon because I want to talk about things but I currently can’t reach you. I tried calling your phone and it was ringing, but my gut tells me that you’re still recuperating from your sickness (dry cough) that started since last week. I cannot get the latest LINE messages because the Internet connection is also iffy here in Benilde. 

I hope you’re doing okay whenever you are.

I just finished meeting with my boss and got my compensation for the month of August (yay). He mentioned a lot of deliverables to be done for next week (which is easy cheesy) and looking forward for our exhibit next week in the Wedding Expo. He was quite relieved that I have been talking and updating with the client regularly since last week and he is hoping that we can roll out the client’s new website during the event proper.

I am also excited with the upcoming projects in line for this month. I wish I can tell more details about them when we meet again soon.

I also went to my old office in Pasig to participate on a teleconference. Our project manager is currently in Canada and I always need to go to the office just to call because my boss (ex-boss) doesn’t want to spend any bucks for long distance calls. It’s kinda hassle for me going to the office and leaving after an hour, but since I am currently under a project contract, I just need to be patient about the completion. We are almost done with the development phase and just looking forward for user acceptance and training which will be held either late September or early October in Cagayan de Oro if the timetable follows.

We just met last night and spend some few hours together playing the Monopoly Deal card game. I was a bit surprised that you played well during the series of games. I will wholeheartedly accept my defeat and I look forward to another match but not so sooner.

I was also happy that you’re getting back in shape. I just hope you can figure out how to get rid of your dry cough because I was kinda worried. I was thinking of bringing you to the doctor so that he can prescribe you the right medication.

I really really missed you. Just by looking at you last night made me smile a lot. I wish you are always healthy, if not, then allow me to take care of you?

I haven’t seen any updates from your social accounts this day but I’ll try not to be worried about it.

Second term is almost there (next Monday!) and I haven’t really felt my “term break” yet. I hope I can reduce stress from my sleepless weeks since last term. I also need to be healthy and start planning my monthly diet and food intake (will you lend me a hand?).

I tried to control myself not to call you but I’m still craving listening to your voice.

Let’s keep in touch if you’re available.


Always yours for the longest time,

– A

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