The Struggle Is Real


I was just talking to you this morning when you suddenly turned off your phone. Tried calling you several times. Where are you?


Aquarius and Gemini

I was waiting for you to respond from my text / message / missed call / tweet when I bumped to this article:

When Gemini and Aquarius come together in a love affair, the pair can enjoy a wonderfully stimulating mental connection. Gemini is in love with ideas and visionary Aquarius is full of them. Both of these Signs need their independence; they can easily provide this for one another since they understand the need so well. The only trouble that may arise is if Gemini begins to think Aquarius is too stubborn in their thinking, or if Gemini dawdles a bit too much for Aquarius’s fast-paced, forward-moving standards. This type of problem isn’t likely to cause a major disturbance; in general they work very well together and understand one another on a very deep level.

Both Gemini and Aquarius have a great deal of energy. Both their minds are so quick they can easily come up with newer and better ideas and, with Aquarius’s determination at the helm, put their ideas to action. They both rely on their quick wits, especially Gemini, and both Signs abhor wasting time. Aquarius can help Gemini focus if they begin to waver, but must take care to allow Gemini plenty of mental space and freedom. Gemini doesn’t like to feel crowded or pushed into anything.

Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion), and Gemini by the Planet Mercury (Communication). Saturn and Uranus combine their powers to lend Aquarius their progressive, original mind and the determination to put their ideas to good use. Aquarius is the great humanitarian of the Zodiac. Gemini is a great thinker and conversationalist, and can easily help out if Aquarius gets stuck on an idea and needs a little mental shove. Gemini’s more flexible mind can greatly aid Aquarius in times of tension or rigidity.

Both Aquarius and Gemini are Air Signs. Their intellectual bond is strong and true. They’re both quite social by nature; Gemini is witty and chatty, in love with impressing people with that quick and agile brain, and Aquarius loves all sorts of people. The more different kinds of people Aquarius knows, the better Aquarius feels in life. Both Signs’ interests are multiple and wide-ranging. Gemini’s penchant for good talks and debates is satisfied by the many experiences these two Signs are likely to share.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Gemini likes free flow; they prize independence and are very adaptable to change. Aquarius, on the other hand, is much more determined, even stubborn, and generally likes to take the lead in this relationship.

What’s the best aspect of the Gemini-Aquarius relationship? Their ability to work together and provide one another with a sounding board for inspirations and flights of fancy. Their successful verbal interaction makes theirs a healthy relationship.

I decided to highlight those traits that match ours. Made me smile a little when I saw this.

Still, I am worried about you. I hope you’re okay.

Update: Looks like you just left your phone when you’re away. Sorry for being clingy most of the time.

One Bedroom

I just want to share the latest single of my all-time favorite band Yellowcard.

What good could I do in a life without you?
What more could I lose than what I found in you?
What words could I use to say all this to you?
What verse could I choose to give myself to you?

So much #feels for this song. Yellowcard always hits the right spot.

I Miss You

It’s already past 10 in the evening and you’re probably (still) sleeping by now. I just had my dinner with parents downstairs after me and my dad table tennis for almost an hour.

I was actually reading our previous text and LINE conversations and they made me smile. Often times I check those messages to remind myself how I am very thankful to have you around. It’s been almost 2 months we’ve been spending more time together (than ever) and I do appreciate how we still manage to talk with our personal lives despite of being busy with your capstone project and other academic requirements.

Your school days are almost over and I would like to congratulate you for all the effort you made despite of being negative or down sometimes. I do understand that sometimes you feel that you’re going to fail your capstone project because of some lapses. But please do remember what I promised you long time before – I will never leave you behind.

Tomorrow is the last day of revisions checking and I can’t wait how you and your group mates react as soon as you pass the course. Congratulations in advance. We deserve a break (and a celebration) because of this challenging term.

I will not lie to myself that I keep on missing you even though we mostly see each other every week. Call me clingy but I really want to see you everyday just to see you smiling. 

Allow me to recall some of the nights we’ve spent together:

Last Thursday was probably one of the best moments I had with you. It was the longest day that I spent with you, when you went home around 3 in the morning. I almost thought that day will never end, when the both of us refused to leave each other. Even though I almost felt as tired as you were, we we’re still together the whole night. To tell you the truth, I was almost in the verge of telling my students about my feelings towards you and how you are special to me in every single way. I was almost proud to tell them that you’re the person I’ve been waiting for the longest time and how I’m really excited to spend my life with you in the future. But then I realize that most people are still not open-minded to what’s happening, and I really think the best idea is to wait – and to be patient – because everything’s gonna be worth it.

Disclaimer: more clingy person ahead.

I miss you. I miss how you would tell me that you miss me, with that soft voice of yours. I miss how you tell jokes (like always) and share your life stories with me. I miss how you would hold my hand and start writing something to my fingers. I miss how you do your pogi sign when you caught me looking or staring at you. I miss how you would sometimes roll your eyes and get irritated when I try to mimic your small voice. I miss how you touch my heart and my soul.

Yes, we might meet tomorrow and spend more and more hours together in a day, but those memories we had (and will have) will always be a reason why I always miss you when you’re not around.

On the other hand, I really want to thank you that you still accept me as a person despite the fact that I’ve encountered traumas in life when I was just a kid. You have all the right to know those dark secrets from my past. I never had a doubt of trusting you to tell all those things.

The term is almost over and I’m stoked on what’s gonna happen for the next couple of weeks and months before you finally graduate. The big day is almost there and I hope you’ll be prepared. I hope we can spend more time together because I really want to know more about you. 

I really can’t take my eyes off you. Not unless when you suddenly look at me as if I was guilty staring at you.

Let’s have a good day tomorrow, shall we?

Good night in advance, beautiful person.


For the longest time,


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