Sorry About Last Night

Hello E,

We were supposed to have a dinner last night and I made you wait. Again.

I was really looking forward to be with you and I’ve been thinking a lot of things we can talk about during the dinner. Unfortunately, the timing sucks. I was expecting that my paneling will finish on time, but despite of following the defense schedule, I didn’t foresee the setbacks of having extended Q&As.

I can still hear your voice how happy you were when I invited you for dinner (or maybe I’m just assuming). I saw how you were a little pissed while waiting in the hallway. My mind wasn’t able to focus on the last group for their authorship exam, but I gave them a difficult one anyways. (They actually didn’t finish on time but I gave them the chance and passed them.)

I even talked to some of your classmates and they know that you were waiting that long. It’s quite difficult for me to forgive myself for letting that happen. I hope you’ll not get used to it.

You were talking with your friends and you looked happy. I was longing for that smiling face once we had our dinner. But it didn’t go through. It’s almost 10 PM when you told me you can’t make it anymore and I totally understand that you need to rest early for your classes the following day.

I was disappointed about myself. I went home thinking how bad the night went. I was trying to cheer myself up, so I called Den to ask for guidance. I woke up with this small burden. I really made a bad move last night. And I want to make up for it.

You might already have the flowers Mr. Cristobal gave you. Sorry if I caused a ‘scene’, but I just want to tell you that I’m really really sorry about last night. It was all my fault. I was actually planning to give the flowers personally before you leave your house, but I was thinking of what will be the circumstances after. So I just took the chance to do it during your class schedule.

I’m still looking forward having a lunch or dinner with you soon. I’ll wait for you if you’re available.

 For the longest time,

– A

PS. I crammed when I placed the stickers on the the flower box. The spacing were not even and aligned properly. *OC mode*


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