I Know You’re Mad But…

Hello E,

I hope you’re taking care of yourself wherever you are.

I am about to take my evening bath but I decided to finish this blog post about what happened today. Think of this post as my explanation, too.

Here it goes:

So I went to Baguio for a couple of days to spend some time with my colleagues at school. It was very unusual for me to have our annual faculty team building far away from Manila, so I was expecting a really good experience from it.

I got sick during the first night in Baguio. I only had few hours of sleep a day before our departure from Manila. I went to school first to attend our term-ender meeting along with co-faculty.

I had a hard time reaching out to you. I tried texting you but you never replied, so I guessed that you are preoccupied with other things. Hey, it’s summer – so you better enjoy it before you take your last term in Benilde.

I got another awards for this term. I wasn’t really expecting anything big but I got the second highest score in student ratings, next to Sir Joel. I felt I could have done more but it was a great accomplishment for me to sustain my outstanding rating throughout the school year.

I still remember those words you told me from your feedback form. It always give me the inspiration to strive best in teaching and to share the knowledge I know about programming. I sometimes feel I missed being your teacher because you were a great student.

Going back to the faculty meeting, we also took our late dinner and prepared our stuff before we leave school. I was able to met your school mate Steph in the convenience store and had a small talk with her.

I never had a good sleep during our travel going to Baguio. We arrived around 4:30 in the morning and I was already sniffing because of the cold weather. When we arrived our place for accommodation, I already drank medicine tablets for prevention. Little did I know that my colds are just starting until the night when me and some of my colleagues went to night market. I overdosed and I wasn’t aware of the situation I was currently facing. My companions told me the next day that they saw a different version of me last night, thanks to the medicines.

I bought pasalubongs for you and I hope you’ll like it (somehow) once you arrive home. I went to your house this morning hoping to surprise you, but my plan did not succeed. I met with Denise first to give her fresh strawberries (her request). I actually texted you what pasalubong you want but I didn’t get any message at all (but that’s okay). She told me that time when you posted a new photo to your Instragram account, and I already assumed you weren’t in your house.

I still decided to give it a go and gave the pasalubongs to your brother. Speaking of your brother, I could have sworn that it’s your Kuya Kenneth that I met. But he told me he’s JR. I apologized to him because I was being noisy outside the gate of your house. Good thing that he’s not mad when he received the pasalubongs for you.

Let me explain my pasalubongs for you:

I am really excited to give you these the moment I arrived back to Manila.
  • A floral hat – I know how you love flowers, that’s why when I saw the hat from the store, I bought it without any hesitation. Too bad there’s no color pink. Since you’re going to Boracay this first week of May, you might want to use it during sunny days. (It’s okay if you don’t bring it, though. That hat really reminded me of you.)
  • A jar of strawberry jam – I’m not sure if you’re allowed to eat that but I hope you can. I didn’t bring fresh strawberries for you because I already thought that you’re not always around the house, so I decided to bring a preserved one. You can eat it during breakfast along with hot pandesal (this made me hungry suddenly) if you want. There’s also 2 small plastic jars just in case the big one is not enough for you. Sharing is allowed. *winks*
  • A yellow / black scarf – This might be the weirdest pasalubong you’ll ever get because how are you even going to use it? Here’s my explanation: I was hoping to get fresh sunflowers for you but I had a hard time getting them even though we went to La Trinidad where fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers can be seen. Unfortunately, picking sunflowers aren’t really allowed that’s why I made a substitute. The color of the scarf reminds me of the the sunflower’s color (I might be wrong.).
  • A strawberry key chain – It’s a small token coming from a person who went to Baguio and still thinking about you everyone. *ends cheesy line here*

I hope you like everything, or least one of them.

I know you’re a little disappointed that I went to your house without your presence, but it gave a happy moment to finally meet one of your brothers. I just hope you can tell if what I did is wrong (I had no regrets of doing it.).

I can’t wait to finally meet you, E. I feel you’re being (quite) distant for the past few days but I totally understand you. I really want to make up for every lost time I wasn’t with you. I hope you’re still okay that I’m “bugging” you every day. I just hope every thing that I want to speak out will be heard (even reading this blog if you have time).

I guess this post is not too lengthy for you.

Good night and God bless you always.

For the longest time,




Nobody Ask Me

Nobody ask me but you look pretty today. I hope you liked the flowers that I gave you.

I’m still waiting for my chance to invite you to have lunch or dinner. I was hesitant to invite you a while ago because you already have your friends with you. Also, I never had the chance to introduce myself to your other friend. He seems nice.

I can’t stop thinking about you everyday.

For the longest time,


PS. I could have personally gave the flowers to you but I didn’t want you to feel awkward or something.





Sorry About Last Night

Hello E,

We were supposed to have a dinner last night and I made you wait. Again.

I was really looking forward to be with you and I’ve been thinking a lot of things we can talk about during the dinner. Unfortunately, the timing sucks. I was expecting that my paneling will finish on time, but despite of following the defense schedule, I didn’t foresee the setbacks of having extended Q&As.

I can still hear your voice how happy you were when I invited you for dinner (or maybe I’m just assuming). I saw how you were a little pissed while waiting in the hallway. My mind wasn’t able to focus on the last group for their authorship exam, but I gave them a difficult one anyways. (They actually didn’t finish on time but I gave them the chance and passed them.)

I even talked to some of your classmates and they know that you were waiting that long. It’s quite difficult for me to forgive myself for letting that happen. I hope you’ll not get used to it.

You were talking with your friends and you looked happy. I was longing for that smiling face once we had our dinner. But it didn’t go through. It’s almost 10 PM when you told me you can’t make it anymore and I totally understand that you need to rest early for your classes the following day.

I was disappointed about myself. I went home thinking how bad the night went. I was trying to cheer myself up, so I called Den to ask for guidance. I woke up with this small burden. I really made a bad move last night. And I want to make up for it.

You might already have the flowers Mr. Cristobal gave you. Sorry if I caused a ‘scene’, but I just want to tell you that I’m really really sorry about last night. It was all my fault. I was actually planning to give the flowers personally before you leave your house, but I was thinking of what will be the circumstances after. So I just took the chance to do it during your class schedule.

I’m still looking forward having a lunch or dinner with you soon. I’ll wait for you if you’re available.

 For the longest time,

– A

PS. I crammed when I placed the stickers on the the flower box. The spacing were not even and aligned properly. *OC mode*

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