Use Case

Hello E,

We were just together few hours ago, and I can still recall most of the things happened. I am currently writing this post half-awake and I hope you will understand a word from it.

I can’t stop staring at you. Seriously. When you were doing your revisions for your paper, I entertained myself looking for moles around your arms. I find it a funny moment because you didn’t feel distracted while I’m looking at you most of the time. I find myself busy and not being bored by staring you. I hope it’s not too much weird for you but I was liking what I’m seeing. *winks*

I almost thought we can’t install Visio 2013 in your machine. I almost gave up re-installing the application when we were in the library. Good thing we had a good Internet connection. I suddenly imagined if we never went to my favorite place and you decided to went home instead. We could have stayed longer if we went early but that’s okay. Spending each minute with you is definitely worth having.

Sorry if you feel like I was treating you like a kid. One thing I can never forget was when I tried to feed you. I was a bit surprised that you were okay with it. I never knew that you can finish spoonfuls of chicken pesto. Hahaha. Next time I’ll order more.

Then it hit me – how I wish I could take care of you for real. I want to be the one who takes care of you when you’re sick. I even want to prepare breakfast meals for you. (That’s why I asked you if you eat meals during morning.)

It was the first time I heard you laughing continuously at some point. I was actually smiling the whole time despite that my eyes were getting tired already. I almost want to sleep but I don’t know where to place my head. Maybe in your shoulder, next time? *wishful thinking*

It was also the first time you argued with me because of a certain diagram that you need to accomplish. I find it trivial and very interesting moment for me.

I noticed how ridiculously slim your legs are. Do you know that I had a weird fascination with people’s shin? It happened way back I was still training in our taekwondo club during high school.

Speaking of high school, I felt happy that one of your closest friends were actually my school mate before. I can finally relate with your friend and hopefully with your other friends as well.

Sorry if I kept on poking your hips and your arms. I was trying to distract you and never mind so I think it’s cool with you.

Honestly, I really want to hug you at some point during our conversation. Call me weird but I’m a selective hugger. I was just trying to control myself that if I hugged you, you might pushed me away. That’s why I was being hesitant. *paranoid*

Denise was teasing me during the afternoon and I saw her hugging you all of the sudden while looking at me. I was laughing that time and was really jealous.

I was blushing the whole time in the consultation room because my students find out my cellphone’s wallpaper. They didn’t say any word after that small incident. I kinda felt they were being supportive.

Anyways, I hope your parents didn’t get mad because you arrived late going home. When I saw you left the cab, you hurriedly went inside the gate as if the guards were already closing by midnight. Good thing that curfew hours were imposed.

I hope you’ll ace your quizzes tomorrow. If not, then you can always improve and do better next time. Just don’t pressure yourself to memorize every notes tonight. I wish I can help you review with your other subjects but those weren’t my forte, sad to say.

Thank you for sharing a little part of your world to me tonight. How I wish I can just freeze the time every time we are together. Sorry if I still can’t get enough of you and I’m still longing for your not-so awkward conversations and your smiling face too.

Good night and have a plenty of rest for tomorrow’s classes.

Missing you always *not gonna deny it anymore*,

– A


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