Happy Monday

Hello, E.

Just in case you’re wondering, it’s already past 1 AM on my watch and I am not sleepy yet. I skipped dinner because I was full the whole afternoon. I only ate some whole grains and cereals for my midnight snack.

You must be probably sleeping safe and sound right now.

Few hours ago, we were just together – talking and just talking. It was the first since the last time I stared at your face for so long. Though I can see that you’re eyes were really tired, I can see how happy you were there with me (or maybe I was assuming?).

I am still feeling guilty that you waited for me for several hours in Duke’s Coffee Place even you told me it’s okay. It was past 5 PM when I left Mall of Asia to meet you. I actually didn’t finished the Divergent movie because the climax of the movie wasn’t really that great. I went back to your meeting place as fast as I could, still thinking that you already left. But you stayed and that made me glad.

You looked better than the other day, I should say. You were still coughing really hard and I was hoping you can get rid of your sickness before the school resumes on Wednesday. I felt kind of bad for letting you stay despite of the bad weather.

I hope you like the ‘impromptu’ flowers I gave you. I know that you like the color pink and it suits you.

I really can’t stop staring at you. I almost memorized all the details of your face.  Just kidding.

You hold my hand quite long for the first time. I felt your warm hand, thinking that you’re still recuperating. I wish I could hold your hand longer until you feel better, but I was already giggling that time.

Artist in the Making

I am sorry that I had to ‘stop’ you from doing your ‘magic trick’. It made me laugh a little when I refused to participate.

You made me watch a short horror story from YouTube but it didn’t get me. We could have just watch a full-length movie. Let’s do it next time we’re available, okay?

Still curious about the piece of paper you suddenly took from me. It could be a note for something or for someone. Or probably a retreat letter for me? (not gonna pressure you to write me a letter but it’s up to you)

I still find myself awkward because I’ve been a regular customer of the restaurant for so long and they were teasing me because of you. I was trying to control my emotions when I was with you, while melting the whole time.

I really felt hugging you that time and see what I can do to ‘transfer’ your sickness away from you. Wish that could really work. I was still feeling hesitant because you might reject my hug or something. Or maybe I was just waiting for your signal. You could really use a comfort hug. Me too.

I also want to thank you for letting me accompany you going home. Even though I felt that you’re tired the whole day, I made you happy even just a bit. I want you to smile with or without me around. See you happy makes me happy too.

I hope you had a great time reading my not-so-secret blog. I wish I could have hide it from you for a longer time but I thought the timing was right. I was actually smiling the whole time when you’re reading all my past posts one by one. I hope it didn’t get too much of you.

I am not promising anything but I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated as possible. So if you still want to read anything from this blog, please feel free to do so.

Is it too early to say that I miss you already? I can’t agree more that I’m having this ‘separation anxiety’ the moment we parted ways. I couldn’t imagine myself not seeing you at least a day each week. I really want to see you every single day but that will still take years or so. *daydreams*

Hoping to catch up with you again really really soon. I will put our Tagaytay trip on the list.

Rest a lot and have a good night, beautiful person.

For the longest  time,

– A



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