For Keeps

Last night, you texted me.

Hello, A.. I wanna tell you something pala.

I immediately called you because I really wanted to hear your voice. You were kinda hesitant to tell me something at first. So I insisted you to tell it to me anyway.

My instinct was right. I have been speculating for almost a week because of what I found in her Twitter account. You told me that you already got a boyfriend. You could have told me that you already got a boyfriend a week ago. But, I was still surprised when I heard it from you. I was trying to smile.

It took me some few minutes to process everything that you told me in our conversation. “Have I done something right?”, I told to myself.

It was really unfair. The person that you really like that got away before, got away again. And this time, she ‘s not going back anymore.

Good night, A. I just want to hear it from me not from someone else. Ang dami ko kasi naririnig from my classmates na ouch daw sayo and I don’t want them to get the wrong impression na pinopormahan mo daw ako. Ayun lang. I’m telling you with my best interest. And I know you’re happy now na naman. Ikaw dapat magkwento sakin!

You deserve to be happy. I do too. I am happy that someone will make you happy. Every single day.

I still like her for being E. For being the same person that I know for almost a year.

Despite of all the things that happened, you still owe me those coffee dates. And a profile picture being taken with you.

Kahit di ka nagkkwento sakin, I’m happy someone special makes you happy as well. Seryoso. Thank you, A. See you next week.

Am I really genuinely happy?

Oo nga eh. I think we really need to have that talk one day. Oh well, let’s both be happy nalang for now.. Thank you for everything, A..

Not sure if I should feel devastated or something. But what I felt night was something unusual.

I still thank you for everything. Thanks for the feelings and moments while they lasted.

See you around, E.



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