That Smile

Good morning, E.

We just had our class the other day. And I saw you again after almost a week.

I also made a ‘ninja’ move by slipping a post-it note below your keyboard. I really wasn’t thinking straight when I did that. I was actually hoping you would react if you saw it during my class.

Anyway, thank you for letting me see you during your class. It was a giddy moment for me when I saw you leaving your classroom to went outside and see me. You were walking slowly like a kid, and I was already smiling from afar.

Thank you for that smile. That smiling face of yours. I was totally worn out the whole week, but I felt I had enough strength when I saw you smiling. 

I should have brought something for you. I guess I was really preoccupied that I didn’t think of that. I will bring something for you next time.

Always keep that smile in your face even when I am not around, E.

Good night and sweet dreams.

– A


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