That Smile



Good evening, E.

It’s almost one week since the last time I wrote a blog post. I’ve been very very busy lately.

I still don’t have enough voice to speak. You might remember that my voice started to crack up yesterday during your class. I think I overused my voice too much for the entire week. I am starting to drink a lot of water to soothe my throat. I am quite sad that my ‘singing’ voice isn’t there yet. I just hope my voice goes back to normal starting on Monday.

You are currently enjoying yourself listening to the concert of your boy friend (Sungha Jung) with your best friend Wam. I hope next time I will invite you to attend to a concert, you will say yes. (With your family’s approval, of course.)

I am trying to get some rest as early as 10 PM, but my body is insisting it. I really need to unwind myself away from work, but time hasn’t been my friend when the month of June started. I barely eat 3 meals a day (sometimes I only eat during dinner) because of everyday’s demanding tasks.

Don’t worry, I will stop ranting about my work because it doesn’t really help my case.

I just want to say thank you that you were able to accept the small gift I gave to you yesterday. I actually can’t stop thinking about the moment I was tying to find a way to give it to you without causing a scene. It was first time giving some flowers inside the campus. It was also the first time since the last time I gave flowers to someone. Anyways, I will do my best to plan ahead next time. I’m not really good at surprises to begin with.

(Sorry for the random post.)

Few hours ago, I asked TJ what are your other favorites aside from flowers. He answered coffee. I thought of green tea since you mentioned it to me one time. I am still hoping I can learn more about you.

Hope you have and will have a great time tonight.

I’ll see you in the next days.

Good night.

Always missing you,

– A

That Smile

Good morning, E.

We just had our class the other day. And I saw you again after almost a week.

I also made a ‘ninja’ move by slipping a post-it note below your keyboard. I really wasn’t thinking straight when I did that. I was actually hoping you would react if you saw it during my class.

Anyway, thank you for letting me see you during your class. It was a giddy moment for me when I saw you leaving your classroom to went outside and see me. You were walking slowly like a kid, and I was already smiling from afar.

Thank you for that smile. That smiling face of yours. I was totally worn out the whole week, but I felt I had enough strength when I saw you smiling. 

I should have brought something for you. I guess I was really preoccupied that I didn’t think of that. I will bring something for you next time.

Always keep that smile in your face even when I am not around, E.

Good night and sweet dreams.

– A

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