Like Crazy

Good evening, E.

I just finished my dinner at Chef’s Noodle (University Mall) with my former student TJ (I think you already met him before.), and I just decided to blog how did my day went today.

I was suppose to go to our office in Greenhills for work, but I decided last night to sleep the whole day. I slept around 3 AM because I watched a movie after we had a chat in Facebook.

Remember when I tweeted you about some movie recommendations that you can watch? To be honest with you, I haven’t watched both Wicker Park and Like Crazy. I just felt sharing them to you, because they came from a list that I really want to watch during my ’emo’ moments.

Anyway, Like Crazy was really a good and touchy film. I will not spoil you the details anymore, but I think you will like it because Jennifer Lawrence, the actress from the movie The Hunger Games (which came from the book series that you like), is one of the cast.

I really wish I can spend some time alone (or not alone) with you. I just feel like talking to you all day, without talking anything about school works, but our personal lives.

Can’t wait for Friday.




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