Good noon, E.

I am currently in our office in Greenhills and I am waiting for my boss to show up. I woke up late this morning because I had trouble sleeping some hours ago.

I was able to the change the theme of blog, but I’m not quite sure if it fits my personality. I was trying to change the colorĀ palette into blue + black + white, but the site reverts to the default theme. Maybe because I am not allowed to change the CSS. *boring topic*

I messaged you last night and I hope you saw (or will see) it. I really ran some few words to say last night, so I just said what I felt like saying.

I should start updating my codes once again. I am hoping for a nice feedback coming from boss when I demonstrate it to him later.

It’s been only a day, but I am already missing you.

Hope you have a nice day!



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